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Harvest Organix Pump Pack 2.5L

Organix Harvest is a totally natural liquid fertiliser prepared from ocean fish, Tasmanian seaweed and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural component of humus that helps plants absorb nutrients. Harvest...

Seaweed Amgrow Concentrate 500mL-2.5L

$12.77 $6.63
Amgrow Seaweed Concentrate is produced from Tasmanian Bull Kelp, an all-natural source of trace elements, natural growth stimulants and minerals. Amgrow Seaweed is suitable for all plant types. Stimulates root...

Blo Fly Trap

$13.68 $10.47
Hang this Bottle Trap in an area where you have a fly problem and it will trap them by the hundreds. Very effective safe method.We use it around our chook...

9MM Woven Bird Netting 5M Wide X 10M Long

$47.19 $36.10
Trying to grow apples and find the birds eat them all before you get a chance?This bird netting will solve the problem.Great for covering strawberries and stone fruit (peaches, plums, apples,...

Citrus & Fruit Spray RTU 750ml

$13.08 $6.79
Amgrow Citrus & Fruit Spray Insecticide controls various scales, mites, mealy bugs, leaf miners, whiteflies and aphids in the home garden. ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: 19.46 g/L PARAFFIN OIL.

Ferticote Pots Planters & Hanging Baskets 500g

$11.35 $5.90
Amgrow Ferticote Controlled Release Fertiliser is a specific combination of nutrients for optimum growth for pots, planters, hanging baskets and garden beds. Rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, this specific formulation...

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