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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Get the kids and grandkids out in the garden with an Easter Egg Hunt this April. It’s a great fun activity with the family for all ages and also a chance to get some nice photos in your garden! Make it a new family tradition.

I read a sign at a preschool that said... ‘You are walking in your children’s memories right now’

Doesn’t that one hit you smack in the face. It’s easy for us to always be busy working, meetings, volunteering and everything else, but are we also making sure that the memories our kids and grandkids have with us are special?

For all the grandparents out there. Send a card to your grandkids home saying there is going to be an Easter Egg hunt at Grandpas house and you will see one very excited youngster. Give them something to look forward to, to tell their friends about and to give you some really special moments too.

Buy some nice small baskets. One for each child to use to collect their eggs in.

Make some of them easy to find and others pretty tricky so they might even need your help.

If you have adventurous tree climbers... put some a couple of metres off the ground so they can show off how good they are at climbing.

It doesn’t have to be just for the kids either. Give the adults a go too.

And don’t forget the veggie patch. These eggs are right at home in some Bok Choi!

Part of the fun is forgetting where you hid them all and discovering them when gardening later on.

You may even find it opens their eyes to the beauty of your garden. Take photos or videos of them searching and finding eggs. It will be special.

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