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    Eraze Total Weedkiller 1L

    $26.81 $21.45
    Suitable for aquatic environments For use anywhere in the garden & around aquatic areas Broad spectrum Non-Residual.

    Cera Trap Organic Fruit Fly Trap Refill

    $50.19 $40.15
    The effective and environmentally appropriate solution to the problem of Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni). Targets both male and female fruit fly. Use Cera Trap...

    54V XR Flexvolt Axial Blower

    $329.00 $319.00
    Designed for professionals that need a good strong blower, with less noise and none of the fumes like a petrol units. It's well balanced with adjustable speed via a finger trigger with...

    XR Flexvolt™ Blower (Bare Unit)

    $299.00 $289.00
    The 54V Dewalt Blower is nicely balanced making it a pleasure to use on a a job.A lot quieter than than the petrol blowers and no exhaust fumes or fuel...

    54V XR Flexvolt Split Shaft Line Trimmer – Bare Unit

    $429.00 $419.00
    For Professionals who want a lighter, electric line trimmer that doesn't make you or your vehicle stink of petrol and can also be packed up to fit in confined spaces,...
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