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    Organix Weed Blitz RTU 750ml

    $18.23 $14.59
    Organix Weed Blitz is a new generation, wholly plant derived, knockdown and pre-emergent herbicide. Organix Weed Blitz herbicide is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer...

    Tree & Blackberry Killer 100mL-250mL

    $16.41 $13.13
    Tree & Blackberry Killer is a highly concentrated herbicide used in the control of Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles and other woody weeds in the home garden. How to use: Use...

    Eraze Total Weedkiller 1L

    $26.81 $21.45
    Suitable for aquatic environments For use anywhere in the garden & around aquatic areas Broad spectrum Non-Residual.

    Eraze Max Total Weed Killer 1L

    $39.15 $31.32
    Eraze Max is a Total Weed Killer. The active constituent is 360g/L Glyphosate (present as the  Isopropylamine and mono-ammonium salts) Eraze Max has a dual Active Formulation containing two forms...

    Buffalo Lawn Weeder 200ml

    $22.65 $18.12
    Buffalo Lawn Weeder is a broad spectrum weed killer for all types of lawns including buffalo. Buffalo Lawn Weeder will control bindii, oxalis, clover and other broadleaf weeds. It contains contact and...


    $30.24 $24.20
    Multiweed All Purpose Lawn Weeder is used for the control of Mullumbimby couch, Creeping Oxalis, Bindii (dwarf jo-jo), Sowthistle, Dandelion, Flatweeds, Cudweed, Fleabane, Dock, Chickweed, Clover and Lambs Tongue. Can...

    Kleen Lawn 500ml

    $30.89 $24.71
    Kleen Lawn Selective Lawn Weeder can be used to control broad leaf weeds including clover, pearlwort, chickweed, dandelion, dock, bindii and lambs toungue. Can be used on couch, bent and...

    Bindii-Clover Killer Hose-ON 2L

    $15.44 $12.36
    Bindii Clover Killer Hose On is a selective herbicide used for the control of a wide range of broad leaf weeds including bindii, dock, dandelion, clover, chickweed, fleabane, creeping oxalis,...

    Bin-Die Hose On (Premixed) 2L

    $24.67 $19.73
    Bin-Die has been formulated especially for use on buffalo lawns. It can also be used on couch, bent, kikuyu, paspalum, fescue and rye lawns. Broad spectrum selective weed killer that...
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