Garden Ranunculus Mixed Colours

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 Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we can't help you.. 

A mixture of all colours in our Ranunculus range and a few extras too! Flowers on 80cm stems in the late spring make a brilliant show and an exceptional cut flower. 

Growing Tips

Soak your bulbs overnight in a class of water with 1/3 strength seasol solution. The bulbs will swell overnight, and be perfect for planting the following day. This helps to create a more uniform flowering period. 

Ranunculus prefer a full sun or partly shaded position. Prepare your soil to a depth of 20cm, ensuring the soil is light and fluffy. Plant bulbs approximately 10cm apart and 2cm deep. 

They like plenty of fertiliser. 

Botantical name

Ranunculus asiaticus






Mid to Late Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Full Sun


Growing Conditions Detailed
Family: Ranunculaceae
Plant/bulb type: Rhizomes - They are a strange looking bulb. I bit like an Octapus! 
Planting time: Late Summer to June. If you spread your planting times out you will get a flower display that continues longer.
Note: Plant with the claws pointing downwards.
Height: about 60cm
Depth: 5-10cm deep. 
Spacing: Garden Ranunculi:10-15cm apart.
Aspect: Full sun

Needs to have decent soil to do well. Dig it over well and add compost and manure if it needs it. 

Start watering when growth appears above ground and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies off after flowering. Once the bulb has disappeared below ground it is in its dormant state and doesn't need much water then. Over-watering will cause them to rot so you don't want that. 

Use a  complete liquid fertiliser like Thrive once you see it sprouting above ground and continue to give it a feed every 2 weeks till the foliage has completely died off. 
Alternatively you can apply a granular bulb fertiliser when you see them sprouting above ground. Be sure to water it in. 

They are heavy feeders because they produce lots of flowers but dont really have the energy reserves like other bulbs do. If you do the liquid feeding every 2 weeks whilst they are above ground you will get great results. 

Flowering time
Depends on planting. Generally from mid to late Spring.

After flowering care
Leave them in the ground. 
Over time they will tend to flower less so keep adding new ones each year to make the display look amazing.

Subtropical to Cool 
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